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My work consists in mixing paint pigments with photographic pixels and organic or mineral substances.

Whatever theme my inspiration leads me to approach, I am guided by the desire to reach a fluidity by melting liquid and solid elements together.

A crucial quest for the right blend in an endless search of balance. The essential quiet of the canvas is my own fair contrast with the photo-shoot storm.


After over 30 years of experience in photographic productions, covering all fields from the concept and design to the delivery of visual content, I refer to myself as a mainstream photographer who boast about bringing an artistic dimension to the projects I embark on.

I have collaborated with numbers of productions, communication agency, artists, brands, and creative persons in the business or the personal frame.

My knowledge of these environments and the understanding of the quality expectations, budgets and timing, allow me to fit in almost any situations.

Nothing better for a good idea than being challenged, lifted, or even replaced by a better one. I highly value the importance and benefit of team working.

Talking about team work, my closest collaborator since the first picture I took, art director, stylist, and endless source of energy, my wife Nathalie, is my second half.

Publicis    Tina Arena Tereos
Revolver    Astrid Veillon Système-U
CA    Orlando Nordis
SisDis    Hélène Segara Cartier
Dodeka    Cerena M6
Dufresne & Corrigan    Laura Pausini Canal+
Grenade    Umberto Tozzi Sergio Bossi
Emulsion    Jean-Sébastien Lavoie Les Mômes
Colorado    Vincent Niclo My Agency
   Élodie Fontan L’Annex
   Solweig RL Arche de la Défense
   Frédérique Bel eBay TV
   François Mitterrand Zoetis
   Arnold Schwarzenegger Le Louvre
   Séverine Ferrer Le Musée d'Orsay